Importance of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing stream is not only for large companies. Regardless of geography, size, and industry, digital is a need for growth and business modernization today and beyond. Digital marketing is more flexible, engaging and affordable than traditional marketing methods. And, if you are looking for church plant marketing, always remember to go for the topnotch firm. 

Here are some ideas that marketers use to preserve their digital marketing case. 

  • Traditional marketing campaigns which includes television and print are costly and the difficult to track ROI. Digital marketing uses analytics and targeted research to quickly find out which approaches are going to work well and which are not worth the cost. Digital marketing channels are less costly from the start and also prevent overspending on campaigns that don’t perform well. 
  • Digital marketing closes the gap between large to small companies because each level can avail the same resources.  
  • In traditional marketing, it is more difficult to calculate the ROI of a print advertisement than to measure that of a digital advertisement, it is because a printed advertisement’s audience is much broader compared to digital marketing, which can target only specific audiences, it is much easier to know which advertisement led to which sale.  
  • Online market shares are the percentage of total market sales that a company accounts for and this figure is calculated by dividing the total sales by online sales of the company and multiplying the number by 100. Market shares give sales figures context that allow companies to view their sales regarding size of their market. Companies see exactly how they compute up to the competition with the best service in which better inform business innovation. 
  • One of digital marketing’s attribute is the ability of a company to experiment almost every part of a marketing campaign. With some thoroughness, simple changes could be tracked and be used to target customers effectively 
  • Mobile marketing opens up new opportunities in increasing engagement, from making a more modified user experience in order to reach new users 
  • Companies make informed decisions by measuring digital analytics which helps about where their resources be invested and improving efficiency. It is a manual process in gathering numbers for traditional marketing channels while most digital platforms including marketing automation and social media have built-in analytics dashboards in which all of the data readily available. You can view reports on dashboards easily and map the journey of the customer by measuring performance metrics every step. 
  • A good strategy in digital marketing caters to preferences of the audience. 72% of people prefer to hear via email from brands, making it a strong case for engaging email marketing strategy. Email marketing put targeted messaging exactly in front of clients and potential customers and when automated, trigger emails could even be sending automatically based on the activity of customer and further personalizing interactions. 
  • A recommendation from a friend immediately makes a company more trustworthy to possible customers. Digital advertising use social media to get “likes” and reviews online which is visible to friends of clients. Recommendations builds trust and make a company stand out from its competitors. 
  • Everyone uses Google and in fact, 81% of Business to Business purchase cycles begin in a web search. That is why search engine optimization,check this a great site the best Return of Investment in any digital marketing channel. For a company, in order to be seen on Google, should show up first on the search engine’s page. A solid SEO tactics is used in order to improve a company’s ranking in Google search.